At the beggining of the prank they introduce what the game show is called Ben says that there might be someone better to host the game show than China Anne and he makes China Anne vs Sakoiya the first question was what does a supermodel do? Sakoiya answers it first Sakoiya buzzed first but Ben said China Anne did than Ben made Sakoiya decide which outfit they wanted to wear when they walk down the runway than Ben made China Anne do a supermodel wave than he made Sakoiya do a guitar slide than he made China Anne act like a rock than Sakoiya tried it but Ben said she moved than he made Sakoiya flip through being a super model and a rockstar than he made China anne supermodel than act like a rock than Sakoiya complained that China was getting points for doing nothing than China anne said she was going to give up her show to host a game show than China Anne sand the rockstars and supermodels than they reveled the prank


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