Mitchel Musso
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Location Garland, Texas, U.S.

Mitchel Musso (born July 9, 1991), is an American actor, singer-songwriter and muscician. He is best known for his work on Disney Channel shows Hannah Montana (Oliver Oken), Phineas and Ferb (Jeremy Johnson), Pair of Kings (King Brady), and of course, as host of PrankStars.

He has also provided his voice for the film Monster House (DJ), and has been in a DCOM, Life Is Ruff (Raymond Figg). His self-titled debut album was released on June 2nd, 2009, and was at Number 19 on the Billboard 200.

His brother, Mason Musso is an up-coming solo artist, who goes by Metro Station, and his other brother, Marc Musso, is an actor.

Mitchel made his Hollywood film debut in Secondhand Lions alongside his brother Marc. Before that, he had been in several other films. He'd also been in three episodes of King of the Hill as the voice of Bobby Hill's friend, Curt. Mitchel was in the first series of Disney Channel Games (Green Team), and appeared in the second and third series (Red Team). He appeared in his brother Mason's old band, Metro Station's video for 'Seventeen Forever'. His show, Pair of Kings, was renewed by Disney XD on 12th December for another series. He will not be returning, and will be replaced by a new character played by Adam Hicks. The second series will be his last with Doc Shaw.

He sang a remixed version of the song 'Lean on Me' for the film Snow Buddies. The music video was included on the DVD and is also on the Radio Disney Jams 10 CD. He also sang a version of 'If I Didn't Have You' with Emily Osment for the DisneyMania 6 CD, and sang 'Stand Out' for the DisneyMania 7 CD. For his DCOM, Hatching Pete, he paired up with Tiffany Thornton to sing a song called 'Let It Go', which was to be used in the film. He also recorded a song called 'The Girl Can't Help It' for another DCOM, Princess Protection Program. 'Let It Go' and 'The Girl Can't Help It' were put onto the Disney Channel Playlist CD. He also sang 'Live Like Kings' for his show Pair of Kings.

His self-titled debut album was released on June 2nd, 2009. The debut single, "The In Crowd" premiered on the radio on December 5th, 2008. It was featured on Radio Disney Jams 11. His second, more popular single "Hey" was released on May 15th, 2009.


Have you checked The Pranking Begins? Though... He has his own episode.


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